The Eyes of Honor: The Currency of Heaven

The Eyes of Honor: The Currency of Heaven


Honor has become a lost art in today's society. We see dishonor not only in the world but unfortunately in the church. In 1 Samuel 2:35b the Bible says, “for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed”. God is very clear about honor and the Bible has much to say about it. In the days of old, people were very honorable towards God and His things. However, there is a spirit of disobedience working to relegate the things of and pertaining to God down to the unimportant and insignificant. In these times, we must find our way back to understanding honor and God's Plan of Favor on our lives.  Honor is truly the Currency of Heaven and becomes the vehicle by which the Blessing flows. This book illuminates the ways that many dishonor God. It has become so subtle that many are completely unaware. There are many truths that when applied, the believer will begin to experience the Blessing moving in ways that they have never seen before. When we master these precepts of being honorable, the flood gates of currency will begin to open and uncommon favor is released into our lives. Honor truly is the Currency of Heaven by which all Heavenly Business is transacted.


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