The Elephant in the Bedroom - Paperback Book

The Elephant in the Bedroom - Paperback Book


Do you feel miles apart, even though you sleep inches away? Do you feel like there’s something missing in your relationship? Or do you just want to make your marriage epic (legendary)! You shouldn’t have to figure it out alone. Adapted from a wildly popular series of sermons on relationships, “The Elephant In The Bedroom” is the biblical guide that gets real and raw as it tackles the tough issues that married and single people face in relationships. These are the topics that pastors, churches and the people themselves do not want to face or talk about. You will laugh, cry, blush and go “Aha!” as Dr. Gene Herndon, with over a decade of marital counseling experience, breaches taboo topics such as in-laws, sex before marriage, divorce, infidelity, and much more. We believe everyone should have the tools and support they need to have a marriage that is passionate, fulfilling, and lasting. The Elephant In The Bedroom will open your hearts, eyes and minds to hidden insights, helping you to have the discussions you need to have with your spouse, yourself and your loved ones, and cause you to analyze potential relationships and people in a whole new way. Get ready to have fun, learn and gain valuable lifelong insights that will help you love more successfully and discover your path from brokenness to wholeness.


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