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The Art of War - Digital Download (audio only)

The Art of War - Digital Download (audio only)


Do you know your enemy, and about his tactics? Whether we know it or not, we are all in a battle today. Satan and his invisible demon emissaries are active, devious, and would like nothing more than to break apart your family, weaken your convictions, destroy your church, blemish the integrity of its leaders, and render you powerless in this life. Since the stakes are so high, you need to be equipped and ready to defend yourself from the attacks and fight the good fight. We know that the struggle is real. This teaching offers you the insights and tools you'll need to understand and engage the enemy on God's terms—and with his protection and blessing. Victory can truly be yours!


9-Part Series Includes:

  • The Art of Strategems
  • The Art of Preparation
  • The Art of Faith
  • The Art of Authority
  • The Art of Courage
  • The Art of Counterbalance Strategy
  • The Art of Corresponding Action
  • The Art of Laying Plans
  • The Art of Unity
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